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CMG uses two robust and proven products to support our Demand Driven implementations. One is for supply order generation. The other is for resource scheduling and work order execution. Together, they can provide a company a complete Demand Driven operational solution.

Note: they do not have to be implemented together. It is quite frequent that they are implemented without each other – it is situational dependent.

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Planning and Supply Order Generation:

REPLENISHMENT+® (R+®) is a multi-echelon materials and inventory management software designed to facilitate a demand pull inventory
system consistent with the methodology of Demand Driven MRP (DDMRP).



Companies that implement Replenishment+® typically see huge jumps in Return on Average Capital Employed through three avenues:


1. Service level increases
2. Sales Increases
3. Reduced total inventory


The above three effects typically happen SIMULTANEOUSLY. Case Studies and examples are available in the third edition of Orlicky’s Material Requirements Planning.


Request a product demonstration:


Visit the Demand Driven Technologies Website to learn more about Replenishment+®

Resource Scheduling and Work Order Execution:


DBR+™ is a powerful tool to bring demand driven scheduling and execution into real-time reality. Web-based demonstrations are easy to schedule and take about 1 hour. If you are located outside of the United States, contact us to find an Authorized Service Provider in your area.

Through proprietary design, DBR+™ allows users to easily MODEL, SCHEDULE and then easily EXECUTE through a real-time, user friendly web-based format. Additionally, reporting formats easily facilitate multiple types of CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT activities.



Define and Model Control Points
Set up part families for like routings and time buffer settings


Optimize due date performance
Minimize WIP
Improve operations stability


Effectively monitor status of jobs on the shop floor
Clear visibility to job status, resource load, buffer boards

Ongoing Improvement

Drive ongoing process improvements through reporting suite


Request a product demonstration:


Visit the Demand Driven Technologies Website to learn more about DBR+™

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